Tuesday, August 01, 2006

How little things have changed...

From the minutes of the 1990 DataServe Annual General Meeting:

Joshua Reich's Report

Joshua's report was unavailable at the time of printing the Annual Report, however it was read out and distributed to the attendees of the Annual General Meeting. Those who didn't attend and wish to obtain a copy may contact Joshua Reich on xxx xxxx. The following points were outlined in the report.

Joshua said that he had sold an inventory program to Video Classrooms Australia for $4.95. He also indicated he had written Graphar 9.5, and update to his simple, high0level mathematicians' language. An unidentified attendee noted that he had 'been sucked into chaos [theory]'. Luke pointed out that Joshua therefore must be the suckee. Joshua also told the meeting that had produced null-modem cables and plans to make a robot.


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