Thursday, September 14, 2006


A few months ago I was given the opportunity to present my thoughts on the intersection of lead generation and financial markets at the Chicago Board of Trade. As readers of this blog are aware, I am convinced that there are numerous signals indicating the desire for more advanced financial instruments to services the needs of lead generators and buyers. However, my experiences at Root (and previously at Traffion) continually remind me that adjusting market behavior is far more difficult than the economics textbooks would suggest. So while I was optimistic that change would occur, I was uncertain as to the timing. Today I am very pleased to welcome the formal public announcement of an alliance between the CBOT and Root Markets. [Press Release]

My recent work has focused on pricing nascent, and as yet untradable, swaps. Today's announcement heralds the coming days when similar contracts will be readily traded.

If anyone out there is interested in buying or selling leads at a fixed price I am happy to say that Root is open for business!


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