Friday, January 19, 2007

My bio - 8 Years ago

I found this via the way back machine. I probably wouldn't be so candid today, nor would I use the same words. Nonetheless, I wrote it, and to some extent it still rings true and is available for the world to see.

response is the output of my occupation of this media volume, related to the (con/de)struction of one dimensional signals in time. or something like that. i dont really have a purpose to this site, its just a place for me to chuck my junk so that i can access it whilst i am away from my home base. i dont like going away from home, especially if i can not take at least one of my computers with me. i guess you could say i am not very well adjusted, socially. but thats ok, this is a new dawn, and there are probably many people out there like me, similarly lacking in interpersonal skills, in place for interprocess communication. why make love when you can make a remote procedure call. what is music about really ? as far as i can tell its just a tag that people can pin on them to make them different from other people, when in reality we are all very much the same. thats why if what was traditionally an 'underground' piece of music, finds itself into the 'mainstream' - the people who originally liked the music will deny that, and claim to hate it, when they are only doing so because they have been put in the position of no longer being able to use that music to make themselves special. why do people want to be special? its alot easier to become special by developing a personality than it is to become special by becoming physically attractive, or going to the gym, or cleaning behind ones ears. thats why i dont write music any more. im not very special, you see, hence any music i produce would not help others be special - hence it would fail its ultimate purpose in our consumer society. of course music can be fun to listen to and can provide enjoyment. its easy to listen to music with lyrics and walk away with a very concrete understanding of why you feel like you do after experiencing that music. when ones moves to instrumental music, certain musical constructs have evolved amongst the genres so that people can walk away easily satisified that the music that they have heard is good. howevere for the poor sods who listen to 'experimental' music its much harder for them to justify both to themselves and more importantly to others why the music is 'good' as it may not have the same constructs such melody or rhythm that allow people to judge conventional music. too often people like this 'experimental' music because it allows people to label themselves, as listeners of this music, as intellectual/special/different/horny(?). personally i like 'experimental' music for all the previously stated reasons, but also in addition, i (as a programmer and a theoritisiticsix) i like to thing about the process that was involved in the creation of the final piece. for me creation is art. i write software as art, no specific goal, just write because it allows me to hide from reality. i have no desire to earn my living from writing software. no constraints. my software does not even have to work to satisfy my. it doesnt even have to be broken in a clever way. it just has to involve me, and thinking, because, after all, its what i do best. but no better than most people.


Anonymous Greg said...

Reading stuff like this is useful when I'm grousing about being old at thirty.

8:19 AM  
Blogger josh reich said...

Thanks greg. Not sure what 'grousing' means, but I'll take that as a compliment.

8:25 AM  
Anonymous greg said...

Complaining, griping, etc. Did I accidentally use another weird Canadianism?

2:39 PM  

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